Wednesday, July 1, 2015

There's something about S I M P L I C I T Y

It is altogether NOT uncommon for me to wake up wanting something.  I ocasionally wake up wanting to go to Disneyland.  Today I woke up craving new boots, (cowgirl boots).  And a haircut or a pedicure.  I go to bed planning my coffee order for the morning.  Simplicity is hard.
I have a Pinterest with 35 boards and 5.5k pins.   I want everything, and I love so many things.

I think part of this is the way God created me I have deep longings for goodness and peace, beauty and power, that I cannot ignore.

The problem is that sometimes these longings get disguised in my coffee order or my electronic hoarding habits on Pinterest.

Simplicity means to clear out space, the junk and hoarding in your own life to make room for God to set up a more beautiful and more powerful thing.  It is a very precise metaphor that makes a ton of sense when we look at it.  If I have a room full of chaos and disorder, over populated with junk, theres no room for God to set up shop and do a beautiful work.  Keeping the room clear and clean and in order is the way to live in freedom and anticipation of what God wants to do.

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