Friday, July 3, 2015

2 incessant fears/worries/concerns about life/people/culture

I've been told not to worry about things that don't directly concern me.. but I have not listened to this advice.  Here are 2 of my daily, nightly, constant concerns that I can't help but keep in the back of my mind.

1.) Netflix. Maybe you've heard my Netflix rant by now. Netflix can be isolating and unproductive.  It's not so much the TV watching that I'm concerned with, but the glorification of binge-watching show after show, day after day.  Tv watching can be good, it's funny, informative, and entertaining.  It's something to enjoy as a group, but the amount of time people spend on their shows really concerns me.  I feel that it's incredibly isolating and disturbs your mental clarity.  If you're able to watch Netflix and still maintain relationships and clarity of thought than that is great, but the epidemic of binge-watching shows and the way that limits people from spending time together or doing things they enjoy is what persistently worries me for our world.

2.) Friendship.  Friendship on the daily. Not Instagram likers, or acquanitences, but friends who do stuff together.  Friends who know you and who invade your daily habits.  Friends who are not respectful of your unhealthy habits, but who bring them up with you because they love you. Friends who don't keep their distance, but ask how you're doing.  Friends who know your specifics.  Know what you've been through and what you want in you're future.  Friends who are committed to you.  I worry that though we all know so many people, we have less daily friendship with one another.  Friends in the sense of meeting up once in a while, but I want friends that know the ins and outs of your days.  Friends that continually pursue you and let you know what a delight you are in their life.  These days loneliness, depression, and anxiety are affecting everyone, (if they aren't affecting you, your the lucky one!) I believe that real consistent, committed friendship is one of the best cures and treatments for all of these things.  If you feel your friendships are scatterbrained, or you feel alone, look at the people in your life.  Pray about who to invest in.  There's definitely someone else out there feeling the exact same way.  It may take time to grow, but put in the effort to water and tend to those friendships. You are a wanted as a participant in others' lives.  Keep fighting for depth of friendship.

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