2.) Get in a Comfortable position (in bed) to hear from God. Be in a cozy place I won’t want to rush out of it.
3.) Bringing Him all that concerns me in my daily life, (cares, worries, relationships, past, present, and future) but check myself when I’m praying for things that He’s already claimed victory over. I’ve learned listing worry after worry is irrelevant because He has already dealt with those, it’s better to dig deeper in my heart and pray for specifics in relationships and in the world.
4) Also, pray for concerns that are not directly related to my daily life, (orphans in China, human trafficking, foster care system). Even if I don’t encounter something daily, pay attention if it’s on my heart.  Someday if God uses me in that arena it might be part of my daily, but it starts with compassionate, courageous prayers.
5.) When I get stuck, start thanking God for the time He’s provided for you to spend with him.  Go to Scripture and just read.
I still feel like spending time with God is not what it used to be, but that’s okay.  I don’t feel bored, but I feel incredibly scattered. Like I know all that I know about God and have all that I need from Him, but I still don’t know where to go.
I love you Lord, and I pray that you would free me from the need for perfection today.  I pray that all my “helpful hints’ would come out of a place of rest and desire to be in Your Presence.  You are God and you are unchanging.  Nothing is outside of your knowledge and control, so we wait for you more.